6 Healthy Habits to Build your Immunity

Want to build your immunity? Here are 6 healthy habits… It’s that time of year where a healthy immune system is more important than ever. Flu season is upon us and we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. As you gather around more family and friends with the upcoming Holidays, it’s important to do […]

Easy Ways to Stay Active and Moving this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays and it’s right around the corner! While rest and relaxation may be all you’re thinking about – our spine and joints don’t like to be sedentary for prolonged periods. And that’s especially true if you’ve got arthritis, back or knee pain. You may not notice any pain while […]

Spooky creaks and cracks coming from your knees?

Do the cracks in your knees “spook” you out? Yes – it’s Halloween – and we’re having some fun over here… But in all seriousness – when it comes to cracking in your knees (or any joint for that matter) – people get nervous. First of all, cracking in your knees (as well as your other […]

Avoiding Radiofrequency Ablation

Three Easy Tips to Keep your Back from “Going Out”

Three Easy Tips to Keep your Back from “Going Out” Most people – four out of five to be exact! – will experience a debilitating back pain episode at one point during their lives, and typically we put more effort into caring for our backs during those times than when we’re feeling good. But it’s critical that […]

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. What you need to know.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. What you need to know. I was recently doing some research on how often back surgery fails – and I came across more than one research paper talking about “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome”. Say what? I knew that approximately 50% of back surgeries were unsuccessful, but I didn’t know it was common enough that […]

Are your Back MRI results reliable? Research says otherwise.

Are your Back MRI results reliable? Research says otherwise. Whenever pain flares up – one of the most popular questions and concerns I get from clients is whether or not they need an MRI. When you have persistent pain that won’t go away, or shooting pain or numbness down your arm or leg, it’s scary. […]

Your Pain’s Location May Not Be Its Source

Tendonitis versus Tendinosis: The Big Difference and Why it Matters

Tendonitis is a term you’re likely familiar with. You’ve probably even suffered from it at some point in your life. It’s an acute, short-term, inflammatory condition typically caused by repetitive overuse of your tendon. Tendinosis, on the other hand, is a chronic, degenerative condition of your tendon. It involves deterioration of collagen, a structural protein […]

Stretches not Working? Three Reasons Why

Do you suffer from chronic muscle tightness or back stiffness and ever wonder… why aren’t my stretches working? Perhaps you’ve Googled and YouTubed every stretch under the sun but still – you haven’t gained an ounce of mobility. There are a few reasons why all your stretching efforts might not be doing anything for you. […]

Travel Plans? Avoid Neck and Back Pain on the go

We typically see an uptick in travel plans every August. But this year we’re seeing more than ever given that travel was basically non-existent for the entirety of last year. Traveling is so good for the mind and soul – but it’s not always fun for your neck and back. When our clients get back […]