CJ Physical Therapy and Pilates was born out of a vision to deliver expert, individualized health care with YOU as the priority, not the insurance company. Dr. Carrie Jose – a doctor in physical therapy and certified Pilates instructor – worked for many years in busy, traditional outpatient clinics, and grew tired and frustrated over her inability to give clients the care and experience they deserved. Not only were her clients unable to reach their full potential, she found that she was spending more time focusing on paperwork instead of the person in front of her.

She knew there had to be a better way, and that is how CJ Physical Therapy and Pilates was born.

Dr. Jose’s team of dedicated, expert, healthcare and fitness professionals work by the philosophy of “Person first, Client second”. When you become a client here, you are seen as a human being, someone with their own individual interests and concerns. Time is taken to get to know YOU, so that you can always be certain your best interests will be the priority. Whether it’s one-on-one physical therapy, a small group Pilates class, or a private session with one of our movement experts, the most important thing is that YOU feel in control of your health and have a say in what goes on. Instead of a third-party insurance company making decisions for you, you have a team here that considers you family, and whose only concern is that you are having a great experience, are well-cared for, and doing the activities that you love most!

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