Who We Help:

We specialize in helping people aged 40+ be more active, healthy and mobile. People love working with us because we empower them through movement, instead of just telling you to take pain pills or avoid activities you love. We customize and develop a long-term plan and strategy for you that will not only get rid of your problem, but give you the best chance for it not to come back.

If you’re simply looking for a quick-fix to your problem, we won’t be a good fit for you.

If you’re looking to understand what’s REALLY causing your pain or stiffness, and are motivated to find a long-term solution that is uniquely customized for you, then you ARE a good fit and should consider working with us!

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What Makes us Different:

  • All sessions are one-on-one – stop sharing your appointment time with other people.
  • We are EXPERTS in movement – we don’t need X-rays or MRI’s to figure out the cause of your problem or why things hurt or feel stiff.
  • You don’t need a prescription or referral to come see us
  • BEFORE we take you on as a client – we make certain we’re a good fit for each other and that we can help you – we don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time or money.
  • You graduate from us when you’re ready and feeling 100% – not because your insurance company told us to.
  • We’re not a “big-box” clinic – we have office pups, hot coffee and tea waiting for you, and get to know you as a person versus your “diagnosis.”
  • We truly love our clients and prioritize your experience over everything else – we want you to be happy, seen, heard, and have fun while you’re here!

Our Specialties:

  • Back pain and Sciatica
  • Herniated or bulging Discs
  • Hip and Knee Pain
  • Neck and Shoulder pain
  • Radiating pain in your arm or leg (Radiculopathy)
  • Pilates-based rehabilitation
  • McKenzie method
  • Dry Needling
  • Empowering you through MOVEMENT – 90% of ALL musculoskeletal problems (aches, pains, and strains) can be resolved WITHOUT pain pills, procedures, or surgery
  • Helping people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s stay active, healthy, and mobile – so they can do what they LOVE instead of spending time in the doctor’s office

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We believe in empowering you through movement – and Pilates is one of the best ways we’ve found to do that!


Because Pilates teaches you to control your body from the inside out. You learn how to breathe more fully, and access those tiny, stabilizing muscles that are often overlooked in other types of workouts. Pilates is easy on the joints, but works your entire body. It’s also the perfect compliment to just about any other activity that you love.

When you truly know and understand how to control your body the way Pilates teaches you – you can master anything!

We offer Private, Semi-Private, and Small Group Pilates Classes.

When you choose to work with us, you also get the added bonus of an expert physical therapy team! Since we have specialist physical therapists on staff, our Pilates instructors have specialized training you won’t find in a regular fitness studio.

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Check out the following products we carry – all designed to help you live a more active, healthy, and mobile lifestyle!  To learn more about our products and find out which ones are best for you, call our office or request a Discovery Session with a specialist!







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