Vertigo and Fall Risk: 5 Ways to Safeguard Yourself Against Unexpected Falls

Vertigo is often described as a distressing sensation of spinning that makes you feel as if the world is moving around you – or that you are spinning yourself. It’s an unsettling experience – and can be dangerous – as it puts you at a greater risk for falling. Over 3 million older adults are […]


6 Tips for Managing Debilitating Vertigo at Work

“Vertigo” is the sudden onset of dizziness, spinning and nausea that often stops you in your tracks without any visible signs or warning. If you’ve ever experienced vertigo, then you know the debilitating effects it can have on your daily life and ability to work. For those that haven’t experienced vertigo – it can be […]

4 Spine-saving tips for less pain during Holiday Travel

For many, Holidays mean traveling to visit family and friends. Or perhaps you’re a New England resident and just want to get away from the cold for a few days. Either way, hours in the car, hours on a plane, and sleeping on mattresses you’re not used to can wreak havoc on your spine. The […]

6 Essential Habits that Build your Immunity

Flu season is upon us – and it’s that time of year where a healthy immune system is more important than ever. Whether it’s more shopping or extra Holiday gatherings, you’re bound to be around more people than usual, which is a recipe for spreading and catching germs. Here are 6 essential habits that will […]


Do Cortisone Shots Work on Herniated Discs?

Do Cortisone Shots Work on Herniated Discs? A recent conversation with someone regarding whether or not they should get a cortisone shot in their back to help a herniated disc inspired me to write this article. Why? Because in speaking with her, I realized how misinformed she was about when you should and shouldn’t get […]

Holiday Stress

3 Tips to Avoid Unwanted Aches and Pain from Holiday Stress

3 Tips to Avoid Unwanted Aches and Pain from Holiday Stress The holiday season is a time of celebration, joy, and cherished moments with loved ones. However, it often brings with it a flurry of activities, responsibilities, and – unfortunately – stress. While the holidays are meant to be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, […]

Active and Mobile

Seven Tips for an Active and Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite Holidays. I love all the food, sweets, time with family, the Macy’s Day Parade, afternoon naps, and football. While it’s historically been a time for indulgence and relaxation, more and more people are opting for a more active and healthier Thanksgiving Day. And there are numerous benefits for […]

avoid back pain when raking leaves

6 Tips to Protect your Back when Raking Leaves

Leaves are everywhere right now in New England, which means for many, the tedious task of raking them is right around the corner. I love Fall – but I don’t love raking leaves. And raking leaves is even worse when you’re suffering from back pain. The good news is there are many things you can […]

How Regenerative Shockwave Therapy is Helping Injured People Stay Active and Mobile

Regenerative Shockwave Therapy Arthritis, degenerative joint disease, and general wear and tear of our bodies are all a normal part of aging – and these things tend to become more problematic once we get into our 50’s and beyond. A lot of people falsely believe that as these ailments start to rear their ugly heads, […]

7 Reasons Everyone over 50 Should be Walking

A meet a lot of folks who think (or have been told) they need to “slow down” once they get into their 50’s and beyond – especially if they have arthritis or an injury. But this can’t be farther from the truth. As we age, regular movement and exercise becomes even more critical – especially […]