Michaella Georgio

Michaella believes Pilates is not only the best form of exercise for fitness, but also for injury prevention and recovery. Starting her Pilates journey when she was 16, Michaella has always connected to the principals of Pilates for healing and strengthening her own body. It was only natural she turned her passion into a career. Having worked at fitness franchises in the past, what was most important to Michaella was finding a studio where she could use Pilates to help her clients feel better beyond the superficial – and in a small personalized setting. That is where CJPT & Pilates came in. She is passionate about healing clients’ bodies through movement, rather than pain pills, procedures or surgeries, so it was only natural she join the team here. She aims to give her clients exciting and fun work outs, while also educating them on their own specific capabilities, injuries, and the “why” behind her programming.

Outside of the studio Michaella is a Spiritual Life Coach, an avid dog lover, and reality-tv addict!