A Pilates First-timer? You’re not Alone!

Our blog post this week comes from one of our newest team members! She tried one of our Pilates classes for the very first time and decided to write about her experience…

My name is Jenna and I’ve just begun working at CJ Physical Therapy and Wellness. This is honestly my dream job… helping people enjoy their lives without pain definitely doesn’t feel like work! I was already ecstatic to be working here, but I was even happier when my new team told me that I could drop into one of our Tower Training Pilates classes. I was able to join the group as a first-timer, with no previous experience whatsoever, and I’d love to share my experience!

Let me start with how my morning went. It was a beautiful Monday and I had planned everything to the T. I was just about to leave home when I spilled my coffee all over my clothes, my outfit to change into, and my shoes! So, I had to rush to clean up and still get to the studio on time. Needless to say, by the time I arrived I was a little flustered. (Coffee had betrayed me!) But right when I walked through the door. I was greeted by the amazing Bodie, one of the sweetest pups I know. The combination of Bodie and the gentle fragrance of essential oil and overall ambience of the office is always immediately relaxing. By the time I was on my blue mat in the studio, I was so excited to get moving!

The first thing I noticed was that the exercises were incredibly simple. Our Pilates instructor, Jen, explained everything as we went along, stopping beside each of us during repetitions to help us with form – and the form is the tricky part. I immediately realized that the seemingly easy exercises were so much more than they looked. I need to work on my balance and posture. At one point Jen called me out on the tension in my shoulders, and when I focused on relieving it I noticed she was spot on! We get so used to moving and holding our bodies a certain way that the issues are almost unnoticeable to us – until it wreaks havoc on our spine, nerves, and ligaments (or until someone amazing notices for you!). Bringing awareness to my movements and muscles made for an amazing workout, and I walked out of the studio refreshed, invigorated and relaxed!

I’ve always considered myself to be pretty fit. I’ve worked in labor-intensive jobs and enjoy hiking, going to the gym, and walking my dog. I eat as well as I can and drink lots of water. With all of this, and how passionate I am about self care, it’s exciting to see that there are other things I can do. The most important thing I’ve learned, even just from this one class, is that it’s important to move your body – but it’s an entirely different thing to know your body. And frankly, I can’t wait to get to know myself more!

If you’d like to learn more about our small group Pilates training classes, conveniently located here in Portsmouth, NH, just click right here. We welcome all levels, and love introducing beginners like Jenna to the wonderful world of Pilates!


Dr. Carrie Jose, Physical Therapist and Pilates expert, owns CJ Physical Therapy & Pilatesin Portsmouth, NH.  To get a free copy of her guide to taking care of back pain – click here.