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Specialist Physical Therapy Deals

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30 Private PT sessions for the price of 21 (SAVE $3150 off regular price!!)

+ 3 Free Shockwave Therapy Sessions

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*Please note: there are no refunds – and all packages must be used within two years of purchase*

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave is an FDA-approved treatment that uses focused ultrasonic sound waves to stimulate new cell growth in damaged or injured tissue. Over the last 20 years, shockwave has been proven effective against chronic pain and inflammation, even in long standing tendinopathies that have been resistant to standard PT.

Shockwave works to reduce inflammation and heal tissue by creating microscopic tears which stimulate the growth of new blood vessels that increase blood flow and oxygenation — and that means faster healing. It also stimulates collagen production, which is a vital component to muscle and tendon tissues.

Other benefits include reduction of calcification in damaged tendons, like the rotator cuff and plantar fasciitis, reduction of trigger points, and reduction of pain.

Why Choose US over regular Physical Therapy?

  • Our model of treatment is NOT for everyone – it’s for people who want a guaranteed BEST experience possible and who don’t want to waste their time with mediocre, cookie-cutter type of physical therapy.
  • People choose to work with us over regular physical therapy because they are looking for CERTAINTY – certainty that the root cause of their problem will be addressed and not just the symptoms.
  • If you’ve been suffering for awhile and not getting results – it might be time to consider something different and specialized.  That’s exactly what we’re here for and what we’re known for. Although we are typically the last resort for many folks after they’ve literally tried everything – we take pride in becoming their FIRST resort for any of their musculoskeletal needs moving forward 🙂
**If you prefer to speak with one of our specialists for free FIRST before paying for any treatment – to see if you’re a good fit for what we do – CLICK HERE to request a free Discovery Session**